Beyoncé has been a muse of mine for many years now and I didn’t understand why. We seemingly have nothing in common. If anything, on surface I would lean more towards Solange.

But for some reason I couldn’t get Beyoncé out of my spirit.

In the beginning of my spiritual…

Not that I’m opposed to either, I am simply aware that some people are looking for a tangible way to discover their purpose in life, right now, from where they are.

Everyday I am looking for new ways to express my purpose. I am looking for new ways to reach…

Black people freed themselves from slavery and colonialism.

Photo credit: Magdibisada

All this year, we’ve been experiencing collective trauma as a people. Rather your experience has been “positive” or “negative” this year, you have not escaped the impact of Covid-19 nor the racial uprisings.

It’s been epic to say the least.

Now where on the other side of…

Today, I give myself permission to listen to my self. You can give yourself permission too.

Collectively we are experiencing catastrophic change at an exponential rate, and yet there is a still, calm voice inside that tells me this is the greatest time to be alive.

Photo: @kellythompson70

Everyone loves the holidays; a time to get together with friends and family, drink too much and fuck up your diet. This is the time of year when relatives that you barely talk to feel free to pass around critiques and unsolicited advice about your life. …

Day 1 Postpartum! Who dis??

I’m incredibly proud of myself and grateful to my SPIRIT family. My ancestors, my guides, Orisha, are all present for this one.

I labored at home all night while I encouraged my partner to rest. There was nothing he could do. I had to ride…

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ll be honest. It wasn’t fear that drove me to choose to birth my first child unassisted with only my partner present; it was love.

In 2017, a friend of mine who was pregnant asked me to be her Doula. At the time I…


My name is Jasmine Roussell. I’m a Doula, Psychic Medium, Kemetic Meditation Coach, Mama & Holistic Wellness Practitioner. I write about what I care about.

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